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A few days ago, we saw how one of the improvements previously made by the development versions came to the Windows 10 October update. Http:// is the feed with access to weather and news information that appears accessible in the Windows 10 taskbar.

An option that windows 10 news feed popup free download can configure as we wish but that we can also deactivate if we are not interested, very simple thing to do in the corresponding menu.

If this is your case and you want to disable this add-on, here are the steps you can take. If you check this option, you will no longer see this information in the taskbar. Additionally, we can set it to only show the icon if we want it to be more unobtrusive. In this way, it offers information about news and weather forecasts and although at first it generated some resource consumption issues, these have been resolved after the latest updates.

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Windows 10 news feed popup free download


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Microsoft warns Windows 10 USB printing breaks due to recent updates. Thanks for the concise info for disabling that stupid widget. I’m on satellite internet; my provider has routed me through 30 different states at various times.

So, besides not wanting to read from MS’s “sources”, getting the latest news and weather from Omaha is useless for me. When I updated today I noticed the stupid widget. MS must have removed KB because my task bar is just fine. Thank you Lawrence, I’m one of those that don’t want it!

Thank you for the easy fix, in easy terms. I should have been able to find that fix myself! Okay but how do you fully remove it so it stops sucking ram out of my laptop like a damn leech? I don’t want to just hide the damn thing.

If I wanted this info I could of just went to any of thousand other pages spouting the same stupid advice. Taskbar updates show you personalized, rotating content directly on your taskbar, including news and more.

You will also see the relevant information card in an expanded view in your feed. Once this is checked, you will only see weather on your taskbar. Note: If you have an information card turned off, you will not see rotating taskbar updates related to that information card. When you turn off news and interests, the weather will no longer appear on your taskbar. You can manually update your primary location and language to see more relevant content. Open news and interests on the taskbar, then open Settings.

Select Location to set your primary location and see more relevant content for that location. This will also update the location used for weather on the taskbar. Select the Language and content dropdown menu to select an appropriate language for content in your feed. To edit your home and work location for traffic, select More options News and interests shows you content on a variety of topics.

Each topic—top stories, weather, sports, stocks, and traffic—is contained within an information card and will update over time. Sign in to Microsoft Edge to personalize your news and interests experience with the topics you care about. If you already have profiles in Microsoft Edge, select the profile you want using the account drop down in news and interests.

To see your profile added to news and interests, close and reopen the news and interests experience. Microsoft Edge profiles in news and interests may not be available to everyone yet.

If you don’t see this option, check for updates to make sure you’re up to date. Your feed will become more personalized over time. Tell us what you care about by selecting the weather icon on the taskbar to open the news and interests.

This will open the My interests page. I not only want to turn it off I want it completely gone from my pc. I may only have a license to use windows but I should own the pc I paid for and be able to control what is or is not installed on it. Is there any way to keep the weather on the taskbar but get rid of the news in the associated pop-up? I wish it showed only the weather in the pop-up. Definitely, it is one of those useless things that no one really needs but Microsoft owes to implement just to get a little bit closer to Android.

Thanks but no, thanks. We like our desktop and Operating System free of bloatware -fast and secure. Our smartphones are doing a fine job keeping us up-to-date, thank you very much. I turn it off and all my other icons on the taskbar disappear. I turn it on and they all reappear. Who thinks these things up? How is this getting location services for the weather? I have all location services disabled or so I thought …. I waste more time deleting B. Of course, you can disable this afterwards, but your location is already done.

Possibly suing Microsoft about that. Horrible and pointless quirk. Microsoft wasting time and resources on something nobody wants. I dont want Microsoft approved news constantly running on my computer, if i want news i can use a web browser and pull up a bookmarked news website when i want. Wasted my precious time to find this page how to turn this useless nonsense off.

If I want to know how the weather is outside I look out off the window rather than having another annoying distracting thing on the taskbar without me requesting nor wanting it.

How about allowing the user to type in the websites they want to receive news from? My Laptop has little enough screen space as it is.. I am seriously looking to change to an iMac after 50 years of being a PC addict!!! They could at least have the decency to ask if a person wants to see the drivel they keep spewing at us. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Please click on the following link to open the newsletter signup page: Ghacks Newsletter Sign up.

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Search for:. Martin Brinkmann. Tutorials , Windows , Windows News and Interests News and interests displays weather information on the Windows 10 taskbar when it is enabled. A left-click on the icon opens a news widget with personal feed widgets. How to turn off the News and Interests feature of Windows Find out how to turn off disable the News and Interests feature of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system that displays weather information on the taskbar and news.

Use the Windows Task Manager to find power leeching processes quickly.


Microsoft strikes again: Unwanted news feed popups on my desktop – Microsoft Community – How to personalize your Windows 10 taskbar with news and interests


A new Windows 10 feature update lets you personalize your taskbar for quick access to information like weather, sports and traffic on your Microsoft продолжение здесь. Here’s how to do it.

Keep up with news you’re interested in with Microsoft’s Windows 10 taskbar windows 10 news feed popup free download, rolling out now. Your Windows 10 taskbar is about to get more personalized.

Microsoft recently began rolling out an update with a feature called news and interests, offering quick access to a feed of content such as news, weather, stocks and traffic in your taskbar that updates automatically throughout the day.

The taskbar читать далее will roll out to all users over the next больше на странице weeks, according to windows 10 news feed popup free download Microsoft blog post. You’ll see a widget-like icon on your taskbar with the latest update, and can hover over it to get more information, without opening an app or switching devices. You can adjust what type of information you see, and how it’s displayed.

The feed will also learn your preferences over time — you can tell it which items you like or don’t like seeing. The taskbar news and interests update first rolled out to Windows Insiders in January.

Read more: You can still download Windows 10 for free, here’s how. Once the update rolls out for you, you’ll see an icon and text with the current weather in your area, along with other icons on news, sports, stocks and traffic. Hover over each to see more information. To customize the topics you care about and which information cards you see, on each card, select More options and click More stories like this or Fewer stories like this. Use emoji to react to stories as well. You can also use the interest manager to directly indicate which topics you’re interested in, as well as the sources you’d like читать далее follow.

To turn off any of windows 10 news feed popup free download icons, hover over the card and select the three dot menu, and then select Hide from the drop down.

To see the changes, hit the Refresh button. For more, check out how to use three of the newest Windows 10 windows 10 news feed popup free downloadand our roundup of the best Windows 10 tips and tricks. Stay current on the latest Microsoft news, plus цитатник, windows 10 install usb drive free download принимаю and advice on Windows PCs.

Windows Add weather, news and stocks to your taskbar. Here’s how A new Windows 10 feature update lets you personalize your taskbar for quick access to information like weather, sports and traffic on your Microsoft device. Alison DeNisco Rayome. May 7, a. Microsoft Your Windows 10 taskbar is about to get more personalized. Now playing: Watch this: Windows Features to try now.


Windows 10 news feed popup free download

The new Windows 10 News and Interests taskbar news feed feature is now rolling out to Windows 10 devices worldwide. The new Windows 10 News and Interests taskbar news feed feature is now rolling out to Windows 10 devices worldwide. Get started with news and interests, choose how weather looks on your taskbar, turn it on and off, personalize your feed and choose interests and followed.