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Browse more topics Back to forum. See latest solutions Accepted solutions. PLA files include all library parts that are in use from the loaded libraries and are intended for archival purposes; they are sometimes used to transport files to another computer or to send to a consultant. If you save your file as a PLA, I believe when you try to save it again it will ask you for the name etc.

If your folder permissions are set incorrectly, then it is possible this may cause issues like this. Try saving the files to your desktop to see if the behavior still happens. If you do a Save As command, it will always ask you for the file name and location, and will overwrite if you confirm that you want to update an existing file.

Those are the ideas that come to mind. You might consider contacting Graphisoft tech support to see if they have any other suggestions. If you get this figured out, please return here and post an update so we all can know the cause and solution. Here are a couple of things to try:. However if the file copies OK, then you can proceed to the next step.

This will clean up some possible issues with the software. Note that your working palettes will be restored to their original factory-installed out of the box positions.

Try opening the file now — perhaps it will work. Sometimes this will allow you to recover the basic model, even if the PLN file cannot be opened. Of course, if none of these work, and the data loss is severe, then contact Graphisoft to see if they can help you recover data from the file. I have the warning! The ArchiCAD preferences file is damaged. Delete it and restart ArchiCAD.

Where is the preferences file found? He wrote to me: Before I tried your solutions, I tried something that I had been afraid to do. Share with your colleagues. Click Here to Leave a Comment Below 33 comments. Vistasp – November 18, Thanks for the article Eric. Leave a reply: Cancel Reply. Eric – November 27, Thanks for the links and additional info!

Jared Banks – November 18, Eric, good advice. Ben – June 15, I have a teamwork file that when I try to open I get a incompatible or corrupted cache file, unable to open ArchiCAD cache error message. Eric Bobrow. Cristhian – October 22, Thanks!!!! I did it! Alex – March 31, Hello. The application includes all necessary item and system for designing hall systems.

With the help of this, from planning application documents to the final construction drawing along with the bill of quantities, a consignation can be done in the end. The solution unlike previous similar solutions not only provide an opportunity to determine the cladding, but also to develop the structures located behind it.

This solution contains the products produced and distributed by Saint-Gobain Hungary Kft Rigips division. The application includes all necessary item and system for designing partition systems.

With the unique textures, the product’s realistic view can be enabled. With the help of different CAD software Tondach roof tiles can be inserted into architectural plans. A detailed user guide helps the user with the usage. Polifarbe Coloring Solution. Library parts are backward compatible without limitation, however we do recommend to update libraries older than 7.

To learn more about this, read: Community. Home Downloads File Converters. Frequently Asked Questions. Same experience here. Much faster than my MacIntel Hello, Just wanted to know, whether AC25 build also crashes on quit or is it a stable version. I have not had a single crash of AC25 on macOS Hello again! In response to VladGoo.

In response to timdelheyeian. Maybe is good to know to check this to for next update. Load more replies. Post Reply. Start a new conversation! Create new topic. Related articles. Latest solutions. Failed install of v26 Apple Silicon on Vent AC26 build bug. How long do you wait before changing to the latest View all.

Most liked posts. Subject Likes Re: How long do you wait before changing to the la GS ID Authentication. Re: macOS Ventura problem’s with Archicad 25 and Still looking? Browse more topics Back to forum. See latest solutions Accepted solutions.


Known and Fixed Bugs in Former Releases | ARCHICAD API

These tables enumerate the API related defects already fixed in former ARCHICAD versions, indicating the number of the program build in. Bug reporter – it’s how you send bug reports to Graphisoft. The few times I’ve sent it through, I have had very constructive responses. You can also do your own.


Archicad 19 graphisoft bug reporter free


User interface elements mainly lists and pop-up controls used in the ArchiCAD dialogs need the memory blocks of the User Heap. And it sometimes does. What can we do? We made significant changes in the program code in order to minimize the User heap resource needs.

As a result, the dialogs in R2 demand much less from this critical system resource. For example, ArchiCAD 6. Unfortunately, the Windows pop-up controls required a lot of space from the User heap bytes each.

So, we switched them to one of our own user controls that has the same functionality and does not use any User heap resources. You may notice that it slightly modified the look of the dialog. We are convinced that thanks to these changes, ArchiCAD 6. What can you do? We highly recommend that you install the Windows 95 Resource Meter according to the guidelines given on this page. The same applies for Windows 98 users.

Please install it and check it often when working in ArchiCAD. When running, the Resource Meter places a small icon in the system tray next to the clock. When resources begin to drop dangerously low, the line turns yellow. If you see red, your situation is near critical. GSReport files have been a tremendous help to our developers when searching for the cause of a problem.

We have summarized below some important points about our experiences. It is extremely useful when the problem description field is filled in. In version 1. Please communicate to your users that this is a key issue. In these cases, either the GSReport.

Due to technical reasons, the GSReport program can not be started automatically on Macintosh computers and the RPT file can not be generated either. Sometimes we get a series of report files and in the worst case they all are called GSReport. It is a good solution if you name it after your company.

We’d also like to stress that we don’t want our users to send these report files directly to us for two reasons: – We don’t want them to skip you the distributor or dealer knows the client best – We don’t want to be flooded with letters from users. If they know our direct e-mail address they will inevitably start writing to us in other cases as well, not only when sending a bug report. To ensure that these files are not sent directly to Graphisoft, the user is given only two choices after filling out the report:.

Save it to a file and send it to the local ArchiCAD representative you either by e-mail or on a floppy disk. Print it and send it to the local ArchiCAD representative you. This method, however, is NOT preferred, since it generates a huge amount of paper and it is very inconvenient for the programmers to work with.

We are presently working on a third possibility of sending it through the Internet, but we will still want these messages to be filtered through you. If a problem arises, please send it to Technical Support using the following e-mail address: techsup graphisoft. You will receive the following automatic reply: “We received your email at Graphisoft Technical Support.

This email is an automatic response and does not require a reply. Please include the following line in all future correspondence concerning this issue:. In which case the sender will get a reference number TestTrack No. In this case, TechSup will specify any extra information that is needed from the sender; Development needs more time to investigate this problem. TechSup asks for patience, and promises to keep the sender informed. Otherwise, we cannot keep track of the issue in our new database.

In the rare case that there is NO answer to your bug report within three days, please let us know:. Bence Kovacs: bence. Also, it is very important that you only include one problem per email. By default, the old method is active.

This is a simple line that can be placed anywhere in the configuration file. You can switch it off by commenting the line by placing an exclamation mark before the. We hope that the developers of OpenDWG will fix this soon, so we will be able to incorporate this feature into the program. If you use an older configuration file that doesn’t include this option, simply insert this line into it. Further slowdown is not expected with ArchiCAD 6. Some clarification is needed following our earlier notes.

You only need to select the AutoCAD format in the save dialog when saving. The only exception is PlotMaker on the Mac platform. However, bitmaps and proxy graphics placeholders representing proprietary ARX data if present will be omitted; only standard DXF data is read in. Opening and saving DXF data with the NEWDXF option enabled will result in slower reading and saving performance and will require substantially more memory, but on the other hand:. A new version of the GSReport application version 1.

Unlike with the versions before 1. To open these files, you must go through a few extra steps. Note that if you have several GSReports of different versions on your computer, they all have an own folder for their keys.

These keys apply only to the dialog box’s position and size. The techsup mode key is stored only once in the folder mentioned above. Double-click on “techsup” in the right-hand side of the window. When the dialog window appears, make sure the “value data” is set to “1”. You can then open the report files by dragging them on top of the GSReport.

To open the existing GSreport file by double clicking on the. Start Windows Explorer Start menu Programs. Click on “new type”. In the appearing window, type “. Click on “new”. In the appearing window, type “open” in the “action” field.

Click on browse and find the program “GSReport. Confirm the dialogs by clicking on “close”. The icon of the. Type “1” in the line “techsup” and save the file. You can then open the report file either by double clicking on it or by dragging the file on top of the GSReport application icon. Rainbow Technologies has since developed a new series of the dongle that solves the reliability problem.

Our long-term usage tests verified this, so Graphisoft will resume the shipping of the USB dongles for Network License sites beginning with the first the pending orders. A new driver for Xerox plotter models and is available on the graphisoft. The driver is cross-platform, it works for both PCs and Macs. The downloaded file is in. HQX format. You can extract it with WinZip 6. Put the extracted file “Xerox. GPD” in your PlotWare folder. Recently we have got several reports about “can’t save” error messages and occasional disappearance of.

PLP files. We managed to find out that the problem is caused by multiple people saving to the same folder and various Team Projects being in the same folder. It means that if you save. PLP, or. PLC files into the same folder at the same time one of the saved files might disappear in extremely rare cases. The reason is the identical name of the ArchiCAD scratch file which exists only for a short time.

We made a fix for it in ArchiCAD 6. Incidentally, it is more safe to store ArchiCAD project files in separate folders, because it also helps to avoid accidental overwriting of others files. A new file is created alongside the original file called ArchiCAD. If the scratch file is not locked, it will be deleted. Data is accumulated, compressed and written out to ArchiCAD.

The scratch file is renamed to the original file’s name. This sequence is desirable, because if at any point of the saving process the file is not written out correctly, the process is aborted, and the original file is retained.

There are safeguards built into the process, the interaction of those plus a specific timing sequence is responsible for a possible mix-up that may potentially delete the original file and not create a replacement. If, however, two people save to the same folder at the same time in versions up to ArchiCAD 6. That is why we suggested in the last issue to keep project files in separate folders. Let’s recommend you to do the following steps: select one or more elements for any modification like drag, stretch or change by a Settings window do the change activate the Undo command of the Edit menu you realise that you did something wrong After the Undo dimensioning chains associated with the previously selected elements become selected as well.

If the user is working in a. PLP or. PLC file and copying any element from a story below the zero either by selecting one or more element there or using the multi-story marquee ArchiCAD crashes.

The bug might appear on both Macintosh and Windows platforms. To fix the bug, patches were created for versions already on the market. There is a separate patch for Japan and one for updating full copies in the rest of the world. On Windows, you will see “6.

There is a problem with the new HP Designjet and plotter models: their internal ’61N Jetdirect card’ seems to be incompatible with AppleTalk. The plotfile can be partially or entirely sent but nothing comes out from the plotter. There are two workarounds:. The plotters will plot via an external jet direct box using the Graphisoft HPGL2 driver choose any model, e.

I need to simplify this mesh—on my MacIntel it had been almost unusable. So I am not going to use this as a best use case for a problem just yet. I’ll keep posting if I see something go topsy turvy. Got my maxed out M1 max over the weekend and all I can say is wow!

Its hard to believe this is a laptop. The speed is phenomenal and the silence Battery life is exceptional. Best laptop I’ve ever used, without question. AC25 build seems to be stable so far. I’m really looking forward to AC optimized for Apple silicon. It should be really impressive. GS, please make that a priority over any other new features. In my business, the recent versions of AC have gotten into the habit of providing new features that have zero affect on our workflow.

Apple Silicon optimization will. Yes, zoom, pan, orbit are all at least as good as our iMacs, if not better. I have not run that combination and I don’t think GS is recommending that, yet. I am using Monterey only because the new MacBook Pro ships with it and cannot be back graded. When I want to select a polyline in Mesh Tool, the program is crashing. Graphisoft Community. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

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Thank you very much! In response to Minh Nguyen. Barry Kelly Moderator. In response to rikhav. But hopefully it will be fixed in the next update. One of the forum moderators. Versions 6. Start a new conversation! Create new topic. Related articles. Latest solutions. Failed install of v26 Apple Silicon on Vent AC26 build bug. How long do you wait before changing to the latest View all.

Most liked posts. Subject Likes Re: How long do you wait before changing to the la GS ID Authentication. Re: macOS Ventura problem’s with Archicad 25 and Still looking?